Bachelor Party Ideas

Traditionally for a groom, the road to marriage is paved with only two joys: the honeymoon, and the bachelor party. And while you might already have a well formulated plan for your night of debauchery (including, strippers, midgets, and midget strippers), we at The Alpha Groom seek to give you some wisdom, and possibly some alternate bachelor party ideas.

Strip Club

Sure a night at the strip club may seem like a good idea now, but just imagine all of the things that can go wrong when intoxication and testosterone mix.  Yea it migaht make a good movie, but in real life its not a good idea. But don’t worry, there are plenty of ways that you can have a great bachelor party that won’t end like some Hollywood comedy starring a tiger and an ex-pro boxer.

Have a Sports Day

Another recommendation on how to avoid black eyes, blue balls, mug shots, or all three is to have a sports themed bachelor party. If you’re into sports why not have a bachelor party that includes going to a sporting event with all of your friends? That’s right, go to the game, sit as close to the action as you can, and enjoy the energy of the event. If you prefer playing sports rather than watching them, why not go bowling, or head out for a game of pool.

Shoot something

Have you considered going to the gun range? Few things are more exhilarating than shooting something, find a local gun range and rent an AR15 for the day, you wont regret it. But if moving targets are more your forte; paint ball laser-tag, or airsoft are also quite exhilarating. Trust us there is no greater joy then watching a group of grown men annihilate a team of 6th graders, plus the camaraderie will bring you closer to your good friends who will be in your wedding.

Go out

Some guys like to make a whole day of the bachelor party by starting off with a round of golf. The drink cart will bring you beverages and sandwiches while you are on the course so you wont have to worry about food.

If you are more into serious action, you can go to a fight. Not you and your friends fighting in some underground fight club (remember your wedding photos),  but instead consider going to a boxing match, wrestling match or an MMA fight. Watching the competition will allow you to have fun with your friends in a way you cannot at a nudie bar.

More is more

We would suggest that you do more than one thing on your bachelor party. Rather than wasting hundreds or thousands to watch women you do not know take off their clothes, you can do things you do not normally get to do. Try something new, go hang gliding, parachuting or anything else you have always wanted to do.

Hire a limousine to take you and your friends from one place to another. This will allow you to have fun without having to worry about getting into trouble that will ruin your wedding day.

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